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  • I never knew my house could be so beautiful! I had Teresa stage my home to help us sell it. After she finished, I was so amazed at the new, fresh look she brought in, I took it off the market and had her decorate it! We love it! She staged and sold another house for us that had a contract after only 16 days! 

Chris M

  • Teresa has been staging listings for me for many years with great success.  She has an uncanny ability to quickly create attractive interiors and exteriors in homes, even if they have an awkward floor plan or other flaws. She works with empty homes or with furnished or partially furnished homes. She goes the extra mile to analyze gardening, painting, lighting and flooring issues that might impede the sale, and she has contractors who will respond to her immediately and who are reasonable. Her staging skills are exemplary, and she also has her finger on the pulse of the real estate market and the big and small picture of what it takes to make a home sell. I give her the highest recommendation for her knowledge, expertise, inventory, but most importantly is her ability to relate compassionately and sensibly to my  clients.

Ruth Parris - The Ocean Broker


  • We have worked with Teresa for years in staging properties.  She has always done a excellent job.  She takes control, follows through and get the job done quickly and professionally.  She has been instrumental in the houses selling quickly and for a higher price.  We highly recommend her for all your staging needs.

Julie and Debbie, Realtors by Design



  • Teresa:  Just a note to let you know how delighted the Sellers were with your staging of their Sea Pines Villa.  It was on the market for three months, completely empty and painted all white.  It was shown around 3 times per week but with Buyers unable to figure out where and how to furnish it.  The day after your attractive "staging", some Buyers made a great offer and the Sellers are thrilled with the outcome!  

         Thanks again,  Nancy Cunningham

Sea Pines Real Estate at The Beach Club.



  •  Teresa Kunich recently staged  one of my listings that has been on and off the market for 2 years to improve its salability for the owners.  Teresa took on this particularly challenging task with determination and transformed an empty 30+ year old house into a sparkling freshly staged home. Teresa's service offered so much more than just furnishing the home, she addressed many areas  including air quality, landscaping and lighting. Teresa's passion is evident and her experience in the real estate industry allows her to offer a higher level of service than a traditional staging company. Traffic through the home quadrupled shortly after the newly transformed property went up on MLS  and the house is now under contract after multiple offers.   I believe the home attracted a significantly higher price and most likely would still be on the market if it had not been staged.


Tristan O'Grady

Sea Pines Real Estate Company

  • We can’t say enough about how Teresa Kunich helped us. We were very concerned about how we’d deal with 20 years of ‘stuff’. Trying to figure out what to take, donate, give away, or trash. Plus how to physically do it. Teresa, took that on helping us through every aspect of it and finally saying “Don’t worry, take what you need and what ever is left, I’ll take care of it then move on to stage the house”. She staged it beautifully with a fine design sense. After moving to another state, last minute things came up and she came forward and handled it. She brought in her excellent organizing, packing, and sorting staff. Thank you, Amber and Lisa! Bottom line Teresa “We couldn’t have done it without you, your energy, and dedication. Thank you.

Marty Slagowitz

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