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 My name is Teresa Kunich. I grew up in Greenwood SC and have lived on Hilton Head Island for almost 40 years. I have been married to my husband Donnie for 30 years and we have three awesome children. We have been landlords, builders, real estate agents, home remodelers and creative designers of homes on the Island for 25+ years. We have watched it grow, expand and change. We know the market and watch the trends and move with the ebb and flow of things in the Lowcountry. I noticed a trend in home staging about 15 years ago in other parts of the country. We were building homes at the time and I decided to give it a try. We saw huge success in it immediately. It definitely helps to sell your home faster and for a better price.

I noticed other stagers were charging exhorbinate prices and some, or most were furniture stores who were trying to sell their furniture, rather than sell your home. Staging is strategic and unique to each home.  I decided to focus on purchasing my own inventory, and follow industry standards to show off spaces in the home, all the while charging a much better price than others. I have a full inventory of furnishings but usually have to purchase specific items for each home in order to do the job properly.  The primary goal is to sell the property and we focus solely on that.

What We Do

My business consists of many facets of staging, design and decorating. I absolutely love to stage an empty house. I have free reign to show space and create interest in your home. I can also come into your occupied home and help you re design it to help it sell. It is vital to have this done by a professional.  It is important to remember that decorating a home and staging a home are two very different things. A staged home needs to have neutral paint colors and furnishings. A decorated home is supposed to make a statement and have a flair that shows the personality of the homeowner. To sell your home you need to bring it from a decorated home to a staged home.

I also love helping you find your flair and determine your distinct personality in decorating.  I love choosing fabrics and colors and putting them together to create a lasting canvas in your home that will provide years of enjoyment. I shop at many stores from High end to discount stores so I can help you decorate on any budget. 

Team Members

I have a dedicated team that includes a seasoned architect, a local contractor and many sub contractors who work closely with me and work quickly to get the job done. They are a professional group I have gathered over time. I have learned to trust their work and they always give me the best price and service they can. They include painters, flooring experts, carpenters, cabinet builders as well as home cleaning services, organizing and packing services and design fabricators. We are a team of 'solutionists" and we attempt to meet every need in helping you reach your goals.

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